Aikido Reflections Post

Going down for a while probably

Having slept on the situation, I’ve concluded that given the results are back down to Earth and engagement didn’t take off, it does not make sense to continue unless I can give the project the attention it deserves. I’ve gotten the core information I was seeking as well as one can get it without doing a lot more picks, and it would be a disservice to continue keeping things going via half measures. I’m also concerned that some of the things I did to keep the program running are cutting it off from some of its inputs in the name of keeping it running, which would decrease accuracy, and I don’t have the bandwidth to properly check.

So thanks for following along for our 200+ picks. I hope to resume here when I have the time, and may post occasional sports-related thoughts that aren’t Aikido’s picks, but I’m going to put this on hiatus for a while.