Aikido Results Post 3

Not great, Bob.

It was ugly out there. Really ugly. At one point it looked like we might give it all back. We didn’t, but there’s no longer a mystery to solve on how we ran so good.

For the season, we are now 96-89-4, +10.8 units, 5.72% hold.

If you’d told me those results before the season, I’d have been quite happy with them. That’s very much where one wants to be. It’s still a huge disappointment compared to how things started.

The other issue is that the line movement is rather grim. We’re -3.85 cents/game, enough to lose 1.5 units over those almost 200 picks, and not that much better than random chance.

I do wish the news was better, but there’s no doubt I’ve been cutting corners, especially by doing all my betting in the morning rather than the day before, but also by the failure to keep careful track of the rest of the league or my previous picks, and do the necessary secondary work. I had the choice to either drop the project or do it light, and I chose to do it light.

I have that decision again, and I’ll give it some thought. There’s a lot to be said for hanging it up until I can give the project more attention, which might be a long time in the future.