don't understand how you're reading croxford.

the snippet doesn't include % reporting symptoms for the real control group 3 ie people with no infections. smell and taste more interesting but how do you reconcile with pretty much identical overall % symptoms between known/unknown. knowns reporting more symptoms overall, or more on this particular one?

either case, don't see how the thread as cited supports "it’s saying that if you have an unknown infection, you don’t get meaningful Long Covid" conclusion except inasmuch as it's based on smell % datapoint only, which itself is quite partial and needs reconciliation with other datapoints in the thread.

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> As usual, it’s worth noting that the CDC nuking its credibility is bad to the extent that the CDC is credible, but is good to the extent the CDC is not credible. Better that more people have an accurate view.

I'm not so sure. The CDC isn't perfect, but it seems to be better than a lot of other places that people are getting their information when they give up on the CDC.

A version of the US in which people had much higher credibility than they deserve would probably be a lot better than the version of the US that actually exists, because at least people would have vaccines to go with their irrationality.

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> So this suggests the vaccine hesitancy largely isn’t about politics or any concrete concerns either. Half the people who aren’t vaccinated have sufficiently strong priors against doing anything new that they’re having none of it, it all sounds super suspicious to them, and you’re not going to tell them different.

I don't think it's a concern about "anything new". It's probably because of Pfizer. Antivax people support any random therapies without evidence - if they're perceived as "suppressed" by "elites".

It gets more ridiculous than ivermectin - for example in Poland there are constant discussions about "Amantadine" - because one doctor claims it works. Sample of the discourse, needs to be translated tho: https://archive.is/e86lc

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I know we have a theory that's there is huge overlap between takes-ivermectin and won't-take-vaccine, but is it true?

We can find this out through polling, and should.

I think your theory that people will take "whatever is being suppressed" is fine, but I'd like to know if it's true, too.

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I would be surprised if this was false.

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> I’m surprised that 61.9% of positives had already been caught by PCR.

There is an incentive in Germany to do a PCR test when you're pretty sure you have COVID because then you'll automatically get a Proof of Recovery 14 days later which counts the same as a Proof of Vaccination for entering bars and shops and such.

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