Just out of curiosity: I got an earlier draft of this newsletter via email, entitled "COVID: TBD", which had about 75% of the same content. Technical glitch? At first I thought Substack had censored it for some reason...

>Proposition 26 gives the monopoly on it to Indian casinos. Proposition 27 gives the monopoly to the bigger sports betting companies by requiring they first be legal in ten other states.

If one hypothetically __had__ to pick between monopoly rentiers, which would be the least bad choice here? Although realistically the local SF ballot is so large that I'll be voting NO on most things by default. Don't have time to research all those propositions. (The voter guide is over 250 pages long...)

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I'd like to add one more point about the about the permanent-midnight protocols in the entertainment industry: isn't it obvious that testing is doing all the work?

1. We know that COVID can infect people quickly.

2. Sets still have plenty of unmasked close-quarters interaction during filming.

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fwiw a counter anecdote on Paxlovid availability: my wife and I were visiting LA and she suddenly had severe flu-like symptoms.

We went to a nearby Urgent Care who did a blood test but recommended we do a rapid test for covid at home. We did, and she was (very) positive. We called the doctor back, and he immediately prescribed Paxlovid to the nearest pharmacy.

This is how things should work; frustrating that others are having such bad experiences trying to get medicine.

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