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I like to think my posts are worth reading for many people. Subscribe if you think my stuff is worth reading, and emails are how you’d like to read or be reminded there are now posts. If you don’t agree with both those things, then don’t do that.

Subscribing gets you full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update. I’m continuing to support both Substack and Wordpress versions for now, so you can read and comment at either location. Substack is primary.

Like Twitter, This Website Is Free. Subscriptions are enabled, but they’re not functional, and content is not gated. Occasionally I may need to make a comment thread subscriber-only or something, or maybe make a subscriber-only open thread, but I have no plans to do even those things at this time.

Paid subscriptions give me money, which I’m grateful for, and which is motivating, helps me justify more time spent writing, and gives me a budget to help with that, including potentially hiring help.

That’s all that they do. Please, please do not subscribe unless giving me money is something you want to do, and it’s something you can afford. If you want to make a larger contribution, the ‘founding member’ option lets you do that.

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A world made of gears. Doing both speed premium short term updates and long term world model building. Currently focused on weekly AI updates. Explorations include AI, policy, rationality, medicine and fertility, education and games.