Sitemap - 2018 - Don't Worry About the Vase

Card Rebalancing, Card Oversupply and Economic Considerations in Digital Card Games

Card Balance and Artifact

Card Collection and Ownership

Artifact Embraces Card Balance Changes

Fifteen Things I Learned From Watching a Game of Secret Hitler

Review: Slay the Spire

Prediction Markets Are About Being Right

Review: Artifact

Preschool: Much Less Than You Wanted To Know

Deck Guide: Burning Drakes

Octopath Traveler: Spoiler-Free Review

Linkpost: Arena's New Opening Hand Rule Has Huge Implications For How We Play the Game

The Art of the Overbet

The Kelly Criterion

Additional arguments for NIMBY

Eternal: The Exit Interview

Apply for Emergent Ventures

On Robin Hanson's Board Game

You Play to Win the Game

Unknown Knowns

Chris Pikula Belongs in the Magic Hall of Fame

Subsidizing Prediction Markets

Tidying One's Room

Prediction Markets: When Do They Work?

Who Wants The Job?

Simplicio and Sophisticus

Why Destructive Value Capture?

Front Row Center

Simplified Poker Conclusions

Simplified Poker Strategy

Simplified Poker

The Third Circle

The Second Circle

The First Circle

The Sheepskin Effect

The Case Against Education: Splitting the Education Premium Pie and Considering IQ

Inefficient Doesn't Mean Indifferent

The Case Against Education: Foundations

The Case Against Education

Nice Things

The Eternal Grind

AI Alignment Prize: Round 2 due March 31, 2018

Sacred Cash

Categories of Sacredness

Eternal, and Hearthstone Economy versus Magic Economy


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