Sitemap - 2022 - Don't Worry About the Vase

The Twitter Files: Covid Edition

Covid 12/29/22: Next Up is XBB.1.5

Housing and Transit Thoughts and Roundup #2

Looking Back on Posts From 2022

Covid 12/22/22: Reevaluating Past Options

China Covid #4

Marvel Snap Review: Phase 2

Next Level Seinfeld

Covid 12/15/22: China's Wave Begins

Key Mostly Outward-Facing Facts From the Story of VaccinateCA

Monthly General Roundup #1

Covid 12/8/22: Another Winter Wave

Jailbreaking ChatGPT on Release Day

Covid 12/1/22: China Protests

On the Diplomacy AI

Covid 11/24/22: Thanks for Good Health

Simple Improvement to College Football Overtime Rules

Covid 11/17/22: Slow Recovery

Sadly, FTX

Weekly Roundup #5

Covid 11/10/22: Into the Background

What's The Deal With Elon Musk and Twitter?

Weekly Roundup #4

Covid 11/3/22: Asking Forgiveness

Housing and Transit Thoughts and Roundup #1

Marvel Snap Review: Phase 1

Weekly Roundup #3

Covid 10/27/22: Another Origin Story

Post on Colonscopy RCT Being Held For Revisions

Weekly Roundup #2

Covid 10/20/22: Wait, We Did WHAT?

Balsa FAQ

Weekly Non-Covid News #1 (10/13/22)

Covid 10/13/22: Just the Facts

Why Balsa Research is Worthwhile

Covid 10/6/22: Overreactions Aplenty

Covid 9/29/22: The Jones Act Waiver

Announcing Balsa Research

Covid 9/22/22: The Joe Biden Sings

Ukraine Post #12

Twitter Polls: Evidence is Evidence

Covid 9/15/22: Permanent Normal

Covid 9/8/22: Booster Boosting

Covid 9/1/22: Meet the New Booster

Grand Theft Education

Covid 8/25/22: What We Owe

On Car Seats as Contraception

Covid 8/18/22: CDC Admits Mistakes

Spoiler-Free Review: Across the Obelisk

And The Revenues Are So Small

Covid 8/11/22: The End Is Never The End

Covid 8/4/22: Rebound

Covid 7/28/22: Ruining It For Everyone

Monkeypox Post #2

Covid 7/21/22: Featuring ASPR

YouTubeTV and Spoilers

Covid 7/14/22: BA.2.75 Plus Tax

Criticism of EA Criticism Contest

Covid 7/7/22: Paxlovid at the Pharmacy

When Giving People Money Doesn't Help

Covid 6/30/22: Vaccine Update Update

Game Review: This Merchant Life

Air Conditioner Repair

Covid 6/23/22: Under Five Alive

Announcing the DWATV Discord

Covid 6/16/22: Do Not Hand It To Them

Against Active Shooter Drills

On AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities

Covid 6/9/22: Nice

Transcript of a Twitter Discussion on EA from June 2022

Book Review: Talent

Covid 6/2/2022: Declining to Respond

Covid 5/26/22: I Guess I Should Respond To This Week's Long Covid Study

Mandatory Post About Monkeypox

Formula for a Shortage

Covid 5/19/22: The Law of Five

Formula For Dying Babies

China Covid #3

Covid 5/12/22: Other Priorities

Repeal the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906

Covid 5/5/22: A Lack of Care

Covid 4/28/22: Take My Paxlovid, Please

Ukraine Post #11: Longer Term Predictions

China Covid #2

Covid 4/21/22: Variants Working Overtime

Judge Overturns Transportation Mask Mandate

Covid 4/14/22: China Stays the Course

Ukraine Post #10: Next Phase

China Covid Update #1

Covid 4/7/22: Opening Day

Ukraine Post #9: Again

Ukraine Post #8: Risk of Nuclear War

Covid 3/31/22: More of the Same

They Don't Know About Second Booster

Ukraine Post #7: Prediction Market Update

Ukraine #6: More Data and Peace Terms

Covid 3/24: Respite

Ukraine #5: Bits of Information

Covid 3/17/22: The Rise of BA.2

Ukraine #4: Prediction Market Movement Modeling

Omicron Post #16: China In Danger

Ukraine #3: Decision Theory, Madman Theory and the Mafioso Nature

Covid 3/10/22: We Have a Plan

Ukraine Post #2: Options

How To Best Use Twitter

Covid 3/3/22: Move Along

Ukraine Post #1: Prediction Markets

Less Lightning Links at Length #1

Covid 2/24/22: The Next War

Convoy Crackdown

Encourage More To Instill Confidence?

Covid 2/17/22: Coasting Downwards

Convoy Continued

Paper Is True

Rock is Strong

Covid 2/10: Happy Birthday

The Long Long Covid Post


Covid 2/3/22: Loosening Bounds

The Urgency of Normal: An Exercise in Bounded Distrust

On Bounded Distrust

2022 ACX Predictions: Buy/Sell/Hold

Covid 1/27/22: Let My People Go

Evaluating 2021 ACX Predictions

Long-Term Charities: Apply For SFF Funding

Covid 1/20/22: Peak Omicron

Land Ho!

Omicron Post #15

Polymarket Covid-19 1/17/2022

School Daze

Covid 1/13/22: Endgame

Omicron Post #14

The IHME Report

Omicron Post #13: Outlook

Covid 1/6/22: The Blip

Omicron Post #12