Sitemap - 2023 - Don't Worry About the Vase

AI #31: It Can Do What Now?

AI #30: Dalle-3 and GPT-3.5-Instruct-Turbo

Housing Roundup #6

AI#29: Take a Deep Breath

Startup Roundup #1: Happy Demo Day

AI #28: Watching and Waiting

Monthly Roundup #10: September 2023

Who Has the Best Food?

AI #27: Portents of Gemini

Dating Roundup #1: This Is Why You're Still Single

AI #26: Fine Tuning Time

AI #25: Inflection Point

Summary of and Thoughts on the Hotz/Yudkowsky Debate

AI #24: Week of the Podcast

Monthly Roundup #9: August 2023

AI #23: Fundamental Problems with RLHF

Barbieheimer: Across the Dead Reckoning

AI #22: Into the Weeds

Llama We Doing This Again?

Anthropic Observations

AI #21: The Cup Overfloweth

AI #20: Code Interpreter and Claude 2.0 for Everyone

Housing and Transit Roundup #5

OpenAI Launches Superalignment Taskforce

Consider Joining the UK Foundation Model Taskforce

AI #19: Hofstadter, Sutskever, Leike

Twitter Twitches

Monthly Roundup #8: July 2023

AI #18: The Great Debate Debates

On the Cost of Thriving Index

AI #17: The Litany

AI #16: AI in the UK

On the Apple Vision Pro

The Dial of Progress

AI #15: The Principle of Charity

Monthly Roundup #7: June 2023

AI #14: A Very Good Sentence

To Predict What Happens, Ask What Happens

Stages of Survival

Types and Degrees of Alignment

The Crux List

AI #13: Potential Algorithmic Improvements

Papers, Please #1: Various Papers on Employment, Wages and Productivity

AI #12: The Quest for Sane Regulations

AI #11: In Search of a Moat

Housing and Transit Roundup #4

AI #10: Code Interpreter and Geoff Hinton

Monthly Roundup #6: May 2023

The Rocket Alignment Problem, Part 2

AI #9: The Merge and the Million Tokens

Transcript and Brief Response to Twitter Conversation Between Yann LeCun and Eliezer Yudkowsky

Notes on Potential Future AI Tax Policy

A Hypothetical Takeover Scenario Twitter Poll

AI #8: People Can Do Reasonable Things

More on Twitter and Algorithms

The Overemployed Via ChatGPT

AI #7: Free Agency

On AutoGPT

Childhood Roundup #2

AI #6: Agents of Change

Eliezer Yudkowsky's Letter in Time Magazine

Given the Restrict Act, Don't Ban TikTok

Monthly Roundup #5: April 2023

AI #5: Level One Bard

On the FLI AI-Risk Open Letter

The Changing Face of Twitter

Response to Tyler Cowen's Existential risk, AI, and the inevitable turn in human history

GPT-4 Plugs In

Microsoft Research Paper Claims Sparks of Artificial Intelligence in GPT-4

AI #4: Introducing GPT-4

On The Crisis Around Silicon Valley Bank

AI #3

The Kids Are Not Okay

Monthly Roundup #4: March 2023

AI #2

AI: Practical Advice for the Worried

Fertility Rate Roundup #1

Covid 2/23/23: Your Best Possible Situation

AI #1: Sydney and Bing

On Investigating Conspiracy Theories

2023 ACX Predictions: Buy/Sell/Hold

Covid 2/16/23: It All Seems Rather Quaint

Junk Fees, Bundling and Unbundling

Evaluating 2022 ACX Predictions


Covid 2/9/23: Interferon λ

Monthly Roundup #3: February 2023

Housing and Transit Roundup #3

Covid 2/2/23: The Emergency Ends On 5/11

Simulacra Levels Summary

Covid 1/26/23: Case Count Crash

Movie Review: Megan

Covid 1/19/23: Flipped Numbers

On AI and Interest Rates

On Cooking With Gas

Covid 1/12/23: Unexplained Spike in Deaths

Escape Velocity from Bullshit Jobs

How to Bounded Distrust

Childhood Roundup #1

Covid 1/5/23: Various XBB Takes

Monthly Roundup #2