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Omicron Post #11

Covid 12/30: Infinity War

CDC Changes Isolation Guidelines

Omicron Post #10

Omicron: My Current Model

Omicron Post #9

Covid 12/22: Get Set, Also Go

Testing, Testing, Hopefully

What's Up With the CDC Nowcast?

Omicron Post #8

Law of No Evidence

Covid 12/16: On Your Marks

Omicron Post #7

Zvi's Thoughts on the Survival and Flourishing Fund (SFF)

Omicron Post #6

Covid 12/9: Counting Down the Days

Omicron Post #5

Omicron Post #4

Covid 12/2: But Aside From That

Omicron Post #3

Covid Prediction Markets at Polymarket

FDA Votes on Molnupiravir

Omicron Variant Post #2

Omicron Variant Post #1: We're F***ed, It's Never Over

Covid 11/25: Another Thanksgiving

Paxlovid Remains Illegal: 11/24 Update

Covid 11/18: Paxlovid Remains Illegal

Attempted Gears Analysis of AGI Intervention Discussion With Eliezer

Covid 11/11: Winter and Effective Treatments Are Coming

Substack Ho?

Covid 11/4: The After Times

Paths Forward: Scaling the Sharing of Information and Solutions

Covid 10/28: An Unexpected Victory

An Unexpected Victory: Container Stacking at the Port of Long Beach

Covid 10/21: Rogan vs. Gupta

Covid 10/14: Less Long Covid

Covid 10/7: Steady as She Goes

Covid 9/30: People Respond to Incentives

Covid 9/23: There Is a War

Covid 9/17: Done Biden His Time

Covid 9/9: Passing the Peak

Covid 9/2: Long Covid Analysis

Guide to Warwick, New York

Covid 8/26: Full Vaccine Approval

Covid 8/19: Cracking the Booster

Covid 8/12: The Worst Is Over

Covid 8/5: Much Ado About Nothing

Covid 7/29: You Play to Win the Game

Covid 7/22: Error Correction

Covid 7/15: Rates of Change

Covid 7/8: Delta Takes Over

Spoiler-Free Review: Roguebook

Covid 7/1: Don't Panic

Covid 6/24: The Spanish Prisoner

Covid 6/17: One Last Scare

The Apprentice Thread

Covid 6/10: Somebody Else's Problem

Covid 6/3: No News is Good News

Covid 5/27: The Final Countdown

Covid 5/20: The Great Unmasking

New Magic Post: The Pro Tour Was Magic

Covid 5/13: Moving On

Covid 5/6: Vaccine Patent Suspension

Covid 4/29: Vaccination Slowdown

Scott Alexander 2021 Predictions: Buy/Sell/Hold

Spoiler-Free Reviews: Monster Slayers, Dream Quest and Loop Hero

Covid 4/22: Crisis in India

Covid 4/15: Are We Seriously Doing This Again

Covid 4/9: Another Vaccine Passport Objection

Covid 4/1: Vaccine Passports

Covid 3/25: Own Goals

Covid 3/18: An Expected Quantity of Blood Clots

Return to New York City

Covid 3/12: New CDC Guidelines Available

Covid 3/4: Declare Victory and Leave Home

Covid 2/25: Holding Pattern

Judging Our April 2020 Covid-19 Predictions

Covid 2/18: Vaccines Still Work

Covid: CDC Issues New Guidance on Opening Schools

Covid 2/11: As Expected

Still Not in Charge

Why I Am Not in Charge

Covid 2/4: Safe and Effective Vaccines Aplenty

Covid 1/28: Muddling Through

Covid: Bill Gates and Vaccine Production

Covid 1/21: Turning the Corner

Everything Okay

Covid: The Question of Immunity From Infection

Covid 1/14: To Launch a Thousand Shipments

Covid 1/7: The Fire of a Thousand Suns

Fourth Wave Covid Toy Modeling